Thursday, August 27, 2009


Among the dabblers I know and others I know of, there are groups, weekly blog posts and other avenues for self portrait work. I have made a handful of attempts with the camera but find I can rarely look into it. Nor am I usually found in front of anyone elses. Not sure when I became so self conscious.

The ones I've done that were fun to do have been mixtures. Mixing a photo and other layers into something "else". Basically what I do with "everything else" dabble wise. And so it is with this first posted self portrait. Layers, alterations, hand cut stencils, ect. It looks very little like "me". I'm far more lined, spotty, fair and sport a more prominent nose. I'm exploring adaptation, perspective and mood.

The process still feels a little weird and uncomfortable, but I usually learn the most with uncomfortable as a starting point. Have you tried a self portrait?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Paper cutting and digital layers.

How Do You Process Your Creative Ideas?

I don't know how you function, but I tend to do things in stages when working on creative projects. Between my day job, available energy and general demands, working on projects tends to happen on more of a "when possible" time frame.

And then there's the issue of ideas and inspiration. My sub-conscious has an unending supply of ideas which it sends in steady streams to my conscious mind at all the wrong times; while I'm trying to fall asleep, during my sleep, while at work, in the shower, driving to and from work and on. Bottom line, rarely at a time when I can actually jot things down. Not that these ideas are terrific, but they seem to run on a reel, repeating in different versions until I can finally spit them out one way or the other. Well, other than actually spitting. (Vile habit.) That reel of thoughts can be overwhelming and make it hard to focus when there finally is time to dabble.

Many of my friends and cohorts in dabbling are faithful journalers. That process can help apply and flush out ideas at the same time. Great process and I have tried it. The good news is it always re-directs me to a specific project. The bad news, it always re-directs me to a specific project and that brain flush doesn't happen. I've tried keeping a tape recorder in the car, pen and paper by the bed, using the camera to catch shots of things that have triggered ideas and so many other methods. Nope. Nada. Nix, nil nay.

BUT, about that working in stages, it has helped me learn to have patience with projects. Some of the spontaneity is lost with my stages approach, but often the slowed process gifts me with a better journey and end result. The journey is better because I'm slowed enough to try more options and find the zone more frequently.

A friend and I were laughing a week or so ago about each having a one day workshop, at different times, with Julianna Coles. She is the queen of getting you to take action on paper with out over thinking. She is a wonderful teacher/guide. The class was a strange cross between boot camp, therapy and driving a 5,000 mile an hour race car. (Dreamt that drive years ago.) At the end of the day, finding out how much I could accomplish in one sitting, by not over thinking, was amazing. However, not something I could do regularly without imploding.

How does any of this rambling apply to the image above? Well, aspects of it were created one to five or so years ago. The foundation of it was done a few months ago. And the final aspects were added this morning. It was fun to do though it flunks the high speed test.

It started those five years ago with an acrylic monoprint in vivid blues and greens. Out of that came a shape that reminded me of a dress on a dress form. Trimmed out, reduced and copied in multiples the resulting (trimmed out again) small images were glued down in a circle. Once photographed, that image could be used in many ways and has been. A few years later I photographed a wonderfully cloudy sky. And a year or so after that the clouds, now in graphic shapes, married a chartreuse base. Today that circle of dresses, in a variety of sizes and opacities, made a second marriage with that cloudy base. And that's that.

Hope you're having a grand Saturday.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cloudy Day Color

Thought I would post a little Dale Chilhuly glass
for some color, on what the weather man says
will be a Northwest cloudy day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finding Balance Among the Angles

Paper cut yoga pose with stitched fabric and paper layers.
Then unified with a digital sponge layer.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

If You Had Wings...

If you had wings, would you keep them covered?
Paper, fabric and paint.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Paint and Computer Play

A little acrylic paint and computer play. Some of my favorite colors.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Rain

Not sure if this is a result of remembering or wishing for a good summer rain. Either way thats what it feels like to me. Do you see it? Summer Rain. Takes me back to this... Which reminds me of this... and THIS. OK, I'm all better now.
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